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Free Shipping Terms and Conditions 


So you have qualified for our free shipping offer,  that’s great news!.

Here’s how it works.

1. This is a 1 time offer per shipment, this entitles the buyer to a single shipment (Per order), delivered to their chosen address. This item is not a purchase, but is offered as a free supplement to your existing order.

2. In the event of the following scenarios, incorrect goods are shipped in-advertantly to the customer, the incorrect items were ordered, items were missing from the shipment, items arrived damaged. The costs associated with further shipments required in the event of any of the above listed circumstances are not covered in the supplementary free shipping offering. These costs will be forwarded to the customer if shipping from Trendstyle, or the customer will need to arrange their own shipping if returning to trendstyle.

3. Trendstyle uses the lowest cost carrier available at the time of shipping, and this will be provided to the customer upon collection.

4. Shipping times will vary in accordance with the available shipment that was used to send the goods,  however as a guide this can be from 14-21 days.

5. Trendstyle accepts no responsibility for any goods arriving damaged as a result of transit, whilst using the free shipment offer, the customer takes responsibility for the shipment.

6. No insurance is offered with the free shipping supplement